Service, maintenance and installation of optional kits

Air.en., in addition to the technical support services and maintenance is also able to assemble the optional kit for the produced engines, even after the customer has purchased a basic version and wants to equip it with the electric starter and/or other accessories.

This way, the customer can benefit from a full guarantee of the product built within the safety of his home.

However, for those who prefer to mount the optional kits by themselves,
we disclaim any responsibility for failure or breakage of the parts or of the engine, or for the failure in the engine functioning.

The ones who will then purchase the optional kit and mount it by opening the engine, will not benefit of the 2 year warranty (by law) that is released by our company after the final testing and calibration.

Air.en. is also able to customize the engine according to the customer’s demands, if these fall within the possibilities of being performed without affecting the functioning of the engine.

The company can also recommend the type of installation in order to obtain the from the models on which the customer intends to install our engines, the best performance possible, by customizing the spacers of the engine mount to place it in the correct position on the purchased firewall of the model itself.
We will be happy then, to listen to your requests and to accommodate you whenever possible.