Airen 200 gas – 9 cylinder (On demand)

radial-engine-airen-200-gas-9-cylinders (3)
radial-engine-airen-200-gas-9-cylinders (4)

9-cylinder radial engine Airen 200cc 4-stroke Petrol

A specially conceived for petrol engine with electronic programmable ignition and appropriate interface on request. Optional, electric start kits with exhaust ring and oil pumps.
Carburetor constant fuel pump ensuring the absolute safety of the operation in all maneuvers, even the most critical.

Specifically designed for low power consume and low maintenance.
The materials used and the type of construction, as well as the same manufacturing works done, are identical to those of the used to be real engines.

THE New Airen 200 petrol engine is the natural development of an already tested with excellent results engine. Following, the technical data:

Bore: 28 mm
Stroke: 36 mm
Individual cylinder displacement: 22.17 cc
Total cylinder displacement: 199.50 cc
Number of cylinders: 9
Direction of engine rotation: CCW
Direction of rotation of the drum cam distribution: discordant
Compression ratio: 13.5: 1
Minimum speed engine rev: 650 rpm
Maximum speed engine rev: 5200 rpm
Static traction constant maximum torque: 30Kg
Weight without electric starter: 5.0 Kg
Weight with electric start: 5.6 Kg
Maximum power: 17.0 Hp
Spark plug type: ME-8 NGK 1 / 4X32
Total diameter: 310.91 mm
Distance from the propeller hub plan to the
support firewall plan: 226.50 mm




With 98 octane gasoline and 2% CASTROL oil (without forced lubrication for distribution), or with pump oil distribution. (Piston with one only piston ring)

Only with 98/110 Octane gasoline with a pump forced oil for both the distribution and the engine crankcase. Or with a double fueling pump (one only for distribution oil and one only for the crankcase oil cylinder). Piston with two piston rings.
Simple electronic ignition.

Accessories, Kits and Optional.

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