We are a team composed by an aeronautical engineer and a business man.
The union between these two persons, experienced in different sectors, has given new life to this business reality.

Air.en. Srl

Air. En is a society of persons who chose to create something innovative in the radial engine sector by reviving the tradition of the aviation pioneer’s era of the 30s, when these engines were a must in being employed.

The mission

The mission of the new company is then, to equip the Giant Scale aircraft modeling, with a new series of very dynamic and reliable engines. These latter with significant employment and configuration opportunities and even a customized version on request.

In the future, a propeller for the ULM Experimental category of light sports airplanes, is expected to produced .

The company will then produce a range of well 6 radial engines of various dimensions and two complete aircrafts RC Giant for the customer who wishes to have a customized product.

The aircrafts will be built just as the originals, only in reduced scale.


The Radial Propellers Air.en.

The top engine product is the new engine Air.en. 150, 7 Gas cylinder, with electric ignition kit and fueling pumps for the oil circulating in the engine. The 200 cc in 9-cylinder, 260 cc cylinder 7 and the 470 also of 7 cylinders.
It is possible to equip the engines of two types of control units with electronic ignition, of which one is programmable. Just like the electric ignition kits and pumps for the two separate oil circuits, or for engine circuit running only on petrol.
Also available a cheaper version running on a mixture of gasoline and a 2% oil.
The Air.en. wanted to give a chance to those who wish to use reproductions of real high-level miniature motors, built with the best technology currently available, and high mechanical engineering.
A high-performance engine that compared to products of the same displacement delivers a far greater power and all the information necessary to prove it.

The realism and fidelity, as well as the realistic and unmistakable sound of the 7 cylinders, makes the engine similar to the famous Jacob R755-9 in all its aspects and beauty.